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By Tom Ross, Pastor

Copyright © 1991, by Tom Ross



CHAPTER ONE -- Introduction To Sovereign Grace

The Present Dilemma; Identifying the Terminology

CHAPTER TWO -- A Historical Survey Of Sovereign Grace

What Jesus and the Apostles Taught Concerning Grace; Sovereign Grace Through the Reformers; Baptists and the Doctrines of Grace

CHAPTER THREE -- Total Depravity And Inability

The Origin of Sin and Depravity; Adam: Man's Representative; Total Depravity Explained; The Fallacy of Free Will; The Will of Man is Influenced; The Fallen Man's Will is in Bondage; What Saith the Scriptures?; Proponents of Free Will are in Agreement with Rome

CHAPTER FOUR -- Unconditional Election

Does God Have the Right to Choose? God is Sovereign; God is Not Obligated to Man; God is Executing His Purpose; Unconditional Election: Who? And When? Who Does The Electing? When Did God's Election Take Place? Unconditional Election: Why? The Real Question; The Arminian Notion of Election Refuted; Reprobation: The Severity of God; Objections to Unconditional Election Answered.

CHAPTER FIVE -- Particular Redemption

Particular Redemption Stated and Defined; The Purpose of Christ's Death; Defining the Terms Used to Describe Christ's Death; Redemption and Ransom; Reconciliation; Propitiation; Remission; Substitution; For Whom Did Christ Die? Christ Died for Many; Christ Died For His People; Christ Died For His Sheep; Christ Died For His Friends; Christ Died For The Elect: The Beloved; Christ Died For Those He Intercedes For; Christ Died For The Children of God; Christ Died For His Church; Objections to Particular Redemption Answered; Passages Where the Word "World" is Employed; Passages Where the Words "All" and "Every" are Employed.

CHAPTER SIX -- Effectual Calling

Effectual Calling Defined And Distinguished; The Effectual Call Distinguished From the General Call; Characteristics of the Effectual Call; The Results of Effectual Calling Illustrated; Ojections to Effectual Calling Answered.


CHAPTER SEVEN --Perseverance Of The Saints

Perseverance of the Saints Defined; Preservation and Perseverance are Both Necessary; Proving Perseverance from Scripture; The Purpose of God; The Perfections of God; The Promises of God; The Work of Jesus Christ; The Work of the Holy Spirit; Salvation by Grace; Objections to the Saints' Final Perseverance Answered; Inconsistencies of Modern-Day Baptists.


CHAPTER EIGHT -- The Necessity of Gospel Preaching

The Necessity of Gospel Preaching; Motives for Gospel Preaching; The Means of Gospel Preaching; The cost of Gospel Preaching.



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